The federal government can be a complex and confusing system to understand and navigate. If you are interested in affecting change in government, you need to know how the legislative and regulatory processes work in Washington. The guidance of someone familiar with those processes is imperative in helping you to develop and implement strategies that will enable you to achieve your goals. Not only must these strategies be viable, but also they must be carried out in a thoughtful way through networks trusted by decision-makers. This is where the Mallard Group shines. Our team will guide you every step of the way though the minefields often associated with Washington by delivering strategic advice and action for our clients in order to accomplish successful outcomes.


We will help you bring together people, organizations, companies or industries to pursue a strategy in support of a common purpose, thereby amplifying your power to achieve your goals.


The Mallard Group prepares and coordinates appropriate correspondence to legislative members, relevant committees, advisory boards and administration officials as necessary on your behalf.


Our team helps our clients identify and target their objectives so that we may aggressively and proactively pursue beneficial legislative and regulatory outcomes via various strategic initiatives.


The Mallard Group identifies and pursues opportunities by coordinating, preparing, submitting and monitoring legislative requests. We work with clients to oversee and meet important guidelines and deadlines.


Our team provides full-service management of client needs including arranging visits, meetings, scheduling, logistics, and coordination and assistance with preparation of necessary materials. We provide clients with copies of relevant documents including amendments, reports, analysis, rules and regulations, and other essential information to help you achieve your objectives.


We offer daily monitoring of all relevant legislative and policy issues and actions of importance, and provide an analysis of their impact on client objectives. Our clients receive continual updates on hearings, briefings and administrative meetings.


The Mallard Group offers tailored services for Non-Profits seeking representation. We will aid you in association management, meeting and event planning and execution, and development of necessary materials. We will help you leverage your resources in the most efficient way possible.


Our team promotes clients and staff as subject matter experts and develops relationships of importance on your behalf in order to achieve your objectives.


We foster relationship building and development between stakeholders, decision makers, trade association officials and memberships at the intersection of business and government.


The Mallard Group serves as our clients' official representative by establishing and maintaining relationships with federal legislators and administration representatives. Our team serves as a liaison and first point of contact between our clients and relevant federal and state officials and their staff for both authorization and appropriations issues.